"What makes Barry Vacker's approach so original and so different from the traditional (Michael Moore or Al Gore) documentary movies is that his arguments are non-ideological. The approach is artistic rather than political. Vacker's vision of the contemporary media society is so neutral, so beautifully cold, that it ends up being to some extent nihilistic. (...) We find the images very beautiful; the editing work is really excellent, so is the music. The voice of the speaker is very poetic and monotone, hypnotic almost, whatever forceful the statements that are made. The first sequences of the movie (before narration sets in) are particularly intense and enigmatic: the glimmering screen (reminiscent of David Lynch), the orange coloured fields, the cars in the tunnel, racing to a vanishing point. Wonderful sequences!" — Carine Krecke, artist and writer, and Elisabeth Krecke, artist and professor, Universite de Paul Cezanne

"It is really great! Wonderful for teaching media philosophy." — Kathrin Fahlenbrach, professor, Martin-Luther Universitat, Halle. 

"This extraordinary documentary is a work of philosophy and a work of art." — Andrew Schwalm, First Person Arts Salon

"The familiarity of the place was gone; nothing was left but the poetic juxtapositioning of elements of our techno-cultural world. And it was cold, yet beautiful." — Steven Liggett, Artistic Director, Living Arts of Tulsa Festival

"A stunning work! The visuals, the music, the theory, all work together in a beautiful matrix of somethingness." — Jarice Hanson, professor, The University of Massachusetts-Amherst

"Space Times Square is a stunning film." — Tony Trovarello, comic book author, DC Comics

"Wow, very thought-provoking! It has an almost Twilight Zone feel to it. The music fits elegantly, with amazing editing. I really liked the idea of being an individual black hole as the only way to escape mediated reality." — Stacey Sullivan, Master's student, Temple University

"This is one of those works of art that makes me think, I wish I'd done that." — Antonio Lopez, Media Educator.

"Very creative and almost terrifying." — Daria Calvecchio, student, Temple University

"It's an entertaining and enjoyable odyssey with stunning cinematography and electronic music that will engage your senses, and thought-provoking philosophical touches that will engage your mind." — Chris Sciabarra, New York University

"Space Times Square offers visual and philosophical lyrics aiming at the vortex center of our culture." Cesar Saez, artist, Montreal

"Freakin' brilliant! I thought everything was great; the thought-provoking narrative, the music, the cinematography." — Jennifer Dee Hill, Dallas

""I was mesmerized by the footage." — Eric Zempol, graphic designer, Philadelphia

"There are several lines and images of sheer brilliance and it is a fabulous thought to link Sartre's Being and Nothingness to the zeros and ones of digital culture. I also thought some of the images were breath-taking and interesting chance (seeming) encounters." — David Allen, professor, Temple University

"Amazing!" — Susan Jacobson, professor, Temple University

"It really is an incredibly dense piece and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. This is a film that should be viewed and contemplated by anyone exposed to media." — Jes Ayres, student, Temple University