• This symposium was one of the earliest events ever "streamed" or webcast via the internet. One of the earliest, ever.

• The event was organized by David Sedman and myself (when I was a prof at SMU in Dallas) during 1996.

• Yeah, it's a crazy poster; but we were having fun. It's a fractal signifying the chaotic web of the internet; at least that was the idea.

• Think of it as YouTube for theorists, nine years before there was YouTube for everyone else!

• Handling the webcast of the event was a Dallas firm called "audionet," which later became "" and sold to Yahoo in 2000 and made Mark Cuban a billionaire.

• Culturemorph was a multimedia symposium which explored the cultural transformations being wrought by the internet, genetics, nanotechnology, and chaos theory. The event featured five theorists, including the poet and philosopher Frederick Turner (author of The Culture of Hope and many other books), Susan Herring (The University of Texas at Arlington), Wayne Key, Sedman, and myself.

• Held on the SMU campus in Dallas, the live event was attended by approximately 200 people and viewed by an unknown number around the world via the webcast. Since many of the attendees were dressed in all-black hacker attire (three years before The Matrix), we realized that we had tapped into some kind of cyber-intellectual underground in Dallas. The audience was energetic and enthusiastic, surrounding the speakers after the event and posing many questions for well over an hour.

• We received email feedback from viewers in Tokyo and Paris, which was radically novel proof (for that era) that we had a effected a global telecast with a computer and camera.

• Because there was such limited hard-drive capacity at that time, this event was not stored in any computer and is gone forever. Unfortunately, the videotape of the event was of such poor quality it was not usable.