Space Times Square was screened at this conference about the theories and legacy of Marshall McLuhan.


I also organized a panel for the conference.

"Cosmic McLuhan: Space Ages, Space Telescopes, Spaceship Earth"

• Questions this panel explored: Is Facebook the counter to the Hubble Space Telescope? Are electronic media our way to roam the cosmos? What does it mean when we can map 13.7 billion light years in a six-minute film, with Spaceship Earth at the vanishing point? 


• Vanishing Points at the Center, Edge, and End of The Known Universe, Barry Vacker (Temple Univ). View PDF.

• Space Telescopes and Social Media: Electronic Consciousness Extended, Overheated, and Reversed?, Angela Cirucci (Temple Univ)

• Roaming the Cosmos: Explosion and Implosion in the Electronic Consciousness?, Agreen Wang (Temple Univ)