• David Sedman and myself created one last online event (before I exited Dallas), this time webcast with Yahoo!. 

• Held at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, an avant-garde art space in Dallas, the event explored the effects of digital technologies on art and aesthetics.

• Presenters included the philosopher Frederick Turner (author of The Culture of Hope), Tim Sanders (author of Love is the Killer App), Mark Landson (leader of the string quartet Neo Camerata), who debuted his piece "Period 3," which was based on one of my essays. Sedman and myself also gave talks. 

• The event played to a standing room only crowd (100+) of artists, patrons, techno-geeks, and various other people; another 850 tuned in live from around the world.

• The success of the event reaffirmed what we learned with Culturemorph, that the internet will be the technology for global television produced by everybody.

• Because of that era's limited hard-drive capacities, this event was not stored in any computer.