• Following the success of Culturemorph in 1996, David Sedman and myself organized another online event, this one dedicated to exploring the convergence of media and metropolis.

• Due to last-minute technical problems, this event was not webcast over the internet nor was it videotaped.

• Yeah, another "fractal" poster image.

• Panelists included Michael Benedikt (The University of Texas at Austin and editor of Cyberspace: First Steps, MIT Press), Michael Cox (Federal Reserve Bank), Laurie Kretchmar ("dotcom" entrepreneur), Sedman, and myself.

• The turnout was also rather slim, with a dozen attendees (excluding last-minute students attending for extra credit). For reasons that remain unclear, this event never generated much interest or excitement in the media or community. In sum, this event was a low-buzz, low-tech dud!